Physics Classes by Dr Rajesh Verma

Physics is the most systematic, interesting, useful, logical and colourful subject. But the irony is that:

Most of so called Tootrs(Tutors) make it most boring, fearsome and colourless subject.

Dear students! You need not fear Physics. In my classes u would enjoy Physics more than any other subject.


"Why Physics appears to be so difficult to most of the students?" This is a fundamental question in the whole TOOTRs(Tutors) fraternity since ages. Let me explain the solution to this perpetual question.


Physics is not like Other Subjects. It needs Clarity of Concepts at fundamental level along with a systematic approach. It is here, where most of education-businessmen falter. Physics is taught like History, or English. So called Sir Ji comes, looks in the book, reminds to himself what was mugged up last night, and tries to vomit unsuccessfully on the Board.


Physics and Maths are the theoretico-practical subjects and they must emerge from the very heart of the teacher. But unfortunately Physics is taught with an open book or notes in the hands of so called teacher. How can a person teach a subject like Physics while s/he is simultaneously reading it openly or clandestinely????????

Alas! Innocent students fall in the trap of sheep-follow-sheep policy, join education-shops because their friends have done so. There is no time to repent once 3-4 months are passed. 


Physics becomes the simplest and most entertaining subject If Concepts are Clear.

But again the irony is that these Tootrs/Bhaiya/Didi/Nukkad Wale Master Ji have contradictions in their Concepts of Physics.


It is never too late to mend. You can still complete your course in next 4 months. Contact me immediately. Believe me Physics will be a child’s play for u. Dial 9810269584 or 9266782222

Contact: Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma
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