TV Programmes on Physics by Rajesh Verma

First TV Programme on Physics by Rajesh Verma was Telecast on 16.02.2005. The Channel Was Sadhana TV.

CBSE-12th-Physics-003-Electrostatics-03 by Rajesh Verma

The Programmes are based on CBSE PHYSICS of XI and XII Class.

There are 142(80 of 12th class and 62 of 11th class) EPISODEs in this Series. (Recorded Till Today

Since 16.02.2005. these TV Programmes have been continuously telecast by Various TV Channels, all over India as well as in 35 other Countries where CBSE Exams are held.

All the EPISODE s are available on CDs


(Conceptualization is over and materialization is in the pipeline.

A Comprehensive List Of These EPISODEs is given below:



Episode Number

XI Physical World and Measurement 1 to 6
XI Kinematics 7 to 15
XI Laws Of Motion 16 to 21
XI Work Energy and Power 22 to 26
XI Motion of System Of Particles & Rigid Body 27 to 33
XI Gravitation 34 to 37
XI Properties Of Bulk Matter 38 to 49
XI Thermodynamics 50 to 52
XI Behaviour Of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory 53, 54
XI Oscillations and Waves 55 to 62
XII Electrostatics 1 to 11
XII Current Electricity 12 to 18
XII Thermal and Chemical Effects of Current

( Some Portion Only in Few Competitive Exams Now)

19 to 22
XII Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism 23 to 33
XII Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current 34 to 43
XII Wave Optics and Ray Optics ( 44 to 65
XII Dual Nature of Matter 66 to 68
XII Atoms and Nuclei 69 to 72
XII Electronic Devices 73 to 77
XII Electromagnetic Waves + Communication Systems 78 to 80

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